Welcome to TimHorn.co.uk where you can find out all about my baseboard, precision scale replicas and layout accessories.

Email and text/messages: 

Please note that I do receive a large number of  e-mails and messages/texts/phone calls for quotes and advice which I’m trying to monitor and reply to as and when the best I can. I will try and clear these as soon as possible but bear in mind that many quotes can take upwards of an hour to do each one. I’m also flat out cutting and packing so please be patient if you’ve not had a reply. Please leave a message on my voicemail if you wish for me to get back in contact by phone.


I will be attending the following shows as a trader so please get in contact if you wish to pre-order kits for collection at any of the shows below:

Scalefour North at Wakefield 6th/7th April 2019 (Prov)
Derby Model Railway Exhibition – 11th & 12th May 2019
Railex at Aylesbury 25th/26th May 2019
DEMU Showcase at Burton Upon Trent 1st/2nd June 2019
Scaleforum at Aylesbury 28th/29th September 2019 (Prov)
Lincoln & District MRC 2019 Post Modernisation Exhibition 19th & 20th October 2019 (Prov)
South Hants MRC at Portsmouth 16th November 2019 (Prov)


All my kits are made form either all Ply (normally Birch) OR all MDF (6mm and 9mm MDF pieces use MR grade (Moisture resistant, its green!))  I don’t sell mixed kit components with Ply and MDF.

My baseboard range is expanding and when stock levels permit I will update the website with baseboard kits which I try to keep in stock. Courier services are used for delivery (UK mainland only, other destinations please e-mail me). Please note though that I am a one man band company and each board can take upwards of two hours to cut the components out on the laser machines. This means that in times of busy periods, stock levels can be limited but if you drop me an e-mail I’ll do my best to give you an expected delivery time. Please bear in mind that I cut, make and pack everything in-house here at Fakenham so I can get very busy by the machines so if I don’t answer the phone straight away please be patient or leave a message. E-mail and text messages are easier for me to keep track of.

Baseboard kit orders off the website are taking around 7-13 working days to complete and send out if not in stock.

Custom changes/orders are taking around 2 months at the moment, I’ve still got a number out standing and I’m doing my best to catch up and clear these orders.

Please note that the only country I cannot ship to is Australia, this is due to the import restrictions on wood, both ply and MDF.