A full size replica nameplate made from a 6mm thick MR grade MDF backing plate with 4mm thick letters and surround MDF kit approximately 115.4cms long. Smaller sizes are available on request.

These are available to assemble as kits (glue and paint required) or come ready assembled and painted.

Please Note Prices Exclude VAT, Post and Packing. This will be added at the checkout. To a UK address only, other destinations please get in touch.

For multiple purchase please e-mail me for an invoice, or I will refund the additional postage costs if they are multiplied on payment.

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery of painted plaques, kits are normally available for a next day dispatch.


47403 The Geordie Full Size Copyright Tim Horn


47403 The Geordie Full Size Replica 6mm/4mm MDF