Designed by Jim Smith-Wright, these display stands are ideal for showing off your stock either at home or at exhibitions. Made from Laser Birch Ply, they are simple to glue together and require minimum effort to build into a strong display unit.

The 4mm/OO/EM/P4 units are 62cms long, 35cms high and are capable of taking one or two diesel locos or coaches on each tier. The curved display units come with a Perspex stopper which can be inserted into the ends if required.

The ‘rail’ grooves are engraved on the tops of the tiers so make sure you chose your gauge, although you can make the stands with plain tops by flipping the tier plinths over for a blank surface. This can be handy if you wish to lay track instead of using the engraved grooves. A good wood glue is recommended for construction, such as Deluxe Materials Speed Bond or Evo-Stik PVA wood adhesive.

4mm Curved Display Stand JSW